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Apple Being Exempted From US-China Tariff War Shows Tim Cook’s Political Sway

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has been one of President Donald Trump’s staunchest critics in Silicon Valley, opposing the White House on everything from immigration to climate change. But the 57-year old tech leader has also become one of the technology industry’s savviest political operators – a behind-the-scenes Trump whisperer, able to shape some of […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Defends Price of New iPhone Models, Says They Are Worth It

Defending the high cost consumers would have to pay to own the most expensive iPhone released this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the device is worth the cost as it replaces many other gadgets one might need, a media report said. Apple’s newest line of iPhone handsets – the iPhone XR, XS, […]

Apple CEO Says Optimistic on US-China Trade Talks

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, whose products have been spared from new US tariffs imposed on Chinese goods, said on Tuesday he was optimistic that the United States and China will eventually work through their trade differences. “I’m optimistic because trade is one of those things where it’s not a zero-sum game,” Cook told ABC News’ “Good […]

Xiaomi Mocks New Apple iPhone Models With XS, XS Max and XR Product Bundles

Xiaomi, also known as ‘the Apple of China’, has been known for being arguably inspired by the Cupertino giant. However, it is now mocking Apple, in a way, for the exorbitant pricing of the latest iPhone models with new bundles of its own products. The latest product bundles from Xiaomi are named after the new […]

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch Series 4 Pre-Orders Are Now Open

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4 pre-orders are now live on Apple Store website and iOS app in the US, and other first wave launch countries. All of the three Apple devices will start shipping in their first batch starting September 21 for early birds. Subsequent buyers are expected to receive […]

Apple Finally Gets How to Play the China Market

Five years ago Apple released a device it thought would appeal to consumers in one of its most important emerging markets. The iPhone 5c was a failure. The c was alternatively supposed to stand for colour, or China. In China, it just stood for cheap. Two years later, Apple brought out the iPhone SE. What […]

Apple May Stop Bundling Lightning-to-Headphone Adapter With Older iPhone Models: Barclays

Apple’s older iPhones would no longer include lightning-to-headphone jack adapters, the company’s website showed on Thursday, which according to Barclays would hurt audio chip supplier Cirrus Logic . Shares of Cirrus, which makes analogue chips used in Apple devices, fell 3.8 percent to $39.46 (roughly Rs. 2,800). In fiscal 2018, Apple accounted for about 81 percent of […]

Apple Designer Jony Ive Is ‘Zealous’ Over the Tech Giant’s Most Personal Device

Jony Ive, Apple’s design chief, on Wednesday unveiled a new iPhone, the biggest deal at the biggest gadget launch of the year. But a different product is closest to his heart: the Apple Watch. Ive, Apple’s chief designer, gave Apple’s original wearable device a complete makeover in form and function. The Apple Watch Series 4, […]

Apple Celebrates New iPhone Models as Asia Suppliers Suffer

With a suite of new devices and a market value of $1 trillion (roughly Rs. 72,000 crores), Apple has given its investors cause to celebrate. That’s not the case for a number of its suppliers in Taiwan which have suffered from stagnating shipment growth. General Interface Solution Holding is the worst performer in the MSCI Taiwan Index […]